Andrew Zamometic
Archbishop of Kram, Krain or Carniola
ca 1420 – 12 November 1484

A brief biography.

Andrew Zamometic, also named Andreas of Kram, Krain or Carniola -, was born ca 1420 in Slavonia and joined the Dominican order in Udine.  He studied in Padua at the same time as Francis of Savona, - the future Pope Sixtus IV -, with whom he became friends.

Through the favour of the Emperor Frederick III he was made Archbishop of Carniola with residence at Laibach in 1476. The Emperor sent him as his ambassador to the Roman Curia in 1478 and to the diet of Nürnberg in 1479.After 1480 Andrew stayed in Rome as imperial ambassador, and criticised sharply the abuses of the church and the nepotism of Pope Sixtus IV.

On papal proposal Emperor Fredrick III drew in Andrew’s authority, and Sixtus IV imprisoned him in the Castel sant’Angelo in 1481. After some months he was liberated through the intercession of a Cardinal in Venezia. Then Andrew went to Basel and agitated against Pope Sixtus IV. On July 21 1482, he nailed a formal arraignment of Pope Sixtus IV to the doors of the cathedral, accompanying it with a demand for a council.


Archbishop Andrew ended support by Lorenzo de’Medici in Firenze, and the city and University of Basel. But the Pope excommunicated him and laid Basel under an interdict. The local authorities put him in prison with approbation of the Emperor Frederick II on 21 December 1482.

Several Nuncios’s requested the Emperor Andrew’s extradition to Rome, but the new Pope Innocent VIII did not countenance this proposal. On 13 November 1484 the prison guard found Andrew Zamometic hanged in on a rope in his cell. It is not clear whether  it was murder or suicide. On 12 January 1485 his body was put in a cask and thrown away into the Rhine. On 23 January 1485 the interdict of Basel was removed.

In his publication, Peter Numagen of Treves, Andrew’s secretary, thought Andrew Zamometic crazy.

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There are  no stamps with bishop Zamometic, only of his friend  Pope Sixtus IV.

Pope Sixtus IV in old wooden press, from Latin Vatican Codex 2044.

Vatican City 1975, Mi 668, Sc 583.

Sixtus IV: Vatican City 1998, Mi 1239, Sc 1070.  On order.

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