Republika Hrviatiska
Priory and the Saint Dominic’s church
Crkva i Samostan sv. Dominika

A brief description.

Across from the Silver Gates of the Diocletian Palace in Split is Saint Dominic’s Church; first mentioned in the 13th  century, it acquired its current structure in 1682 and was widened at the beginning of the 19th century. It stands on the site of the Oratory of St Catherine.

The church features baroque altars, a gothic crucifix, and artwork by Jacopo Palma il Giovane (1544-14.10.1628), and his followers. The works are titled the ‘Miracle in Suriano’ (15.9.1530), and ‘Apparition (Vision?) in the Temple’’.

Source: Tourist information.


Detail of the manuscript of a gradual of the Dominican priory and church in Split. Graduale Pars I – XIV. The P from ‘P(uer) natus est’, is the initial letter with the Gregorian notes of the Introitus ‘Ad tertiam missam. In die.’ (The day-celebration on Christmas.)

Croatia 1993, Mi 261,262; Sc 179,180. FDC with a page (detail) of the manuscript.



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