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A brief description.

The Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Seven Dolours and St. Adalbert, called the Church on the Hill. St. Adalbert was to have visited this area in 984 or 995 on the way to the court of Bolesław I the Brave. He preached the Gospel and baptized the inhabitants of Opole, who built the first wooden church in Opole, dedicated to Our Blessed Lady and St. Adalbert.
In 1293 the Dominicans came to Opole on request of Bolko I and built a priory to served this church, rebuilt in 1339.

About 1430 The Chapel of Our Lady of Częstochowa was added to the church and linked to the priory. During de Reformation the Dominicans leaved Opole from 1530 till 1604. The priory and churches experienced a series of calamities (were burnt down in a large fire of the town (1613), plundered by the passing troops taking part in the Thirty Years' War).
In 1739 both buildings were reconstructed on the Baroque pattern. The Baroque main altar embraces the painting of the glory of St. Adalbert and St. Catherine, supported by the sculptured angels in the company of the four Fathers of the Church. It is also worth paying attention to the interesting Gothic triptych with the figure of Madonna and the Child surrounded by four virgins - St. Barbara, Catherine, Agnes and Dorothy. The Dominicans le
ft the complex in 1810, and the buildings were used as school, and by Napoleon as barracks and hospital. The church is now branch church of the parish of the Holy Cross since 1820 and enlarged from 1931 till 1938.

Source: Gabriel (BRD), 1970, Nr 7, p.215.

The Dominican church is the third church
from the left, dedicated to
the Blessed
Virgin Mary of the Seven Dolours and St. Adalbert

Poland 1970, Mi 2001, Sc 1732.

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