Dominican priory and church
with the shrine of the Blessed Virgin Mother of God

A brief description.

Różanystok is a village in north-eastern Poland, formerly known as Crazyweed Stok ("Crooked Slope"). It is located in the township of Dąbrowa Białostocka, which is in turn situated in the Podlaskie region's Sokółka County division. Part of the village's geographical boundary is defined by a stone wall that remains from its days as a monastery.
A wooden home that still stands in the southwest quadrant of the village is reputed to have been built as the summer residence of a sister of Nicholas II of Russia.
The exposed roots of a tree in the village's small forest are maintained by the village's children, who leave coins, food and flowers as presents for gnomes believed to live nearby.

The Dominicans built a priory with church in 1663.

From 1809 till 1811 the priory housed the Sisters of the Orthodox Church, Then Archbishop Stanislaw Bohusz Siosfirencewicz passed on the care the church over to the Dominican Fathers. The church complex was used as a military storage depot during World War I.  
Since 1919 the Silesians live in the priory and take care of the church. Several of its buildings were destroyed in World War II.  From the years 1975-1998 the area was part of the Białystok Voivodeship administrative district. The Belarus city of Grodno can be seen from the Basilica's bell tower.

The Blessed Virgin Mother of God

The village is home to a well-known icon ‘Mary, Mother of God’ shrine, to which tens of thousands of pilgrim travel each year. The shrine's focus is a 17th-century image of Mary holding the infant Jesus which is believed to be miraculous. A ‘coronation’ celebration for the Różanystok icon was held on June 28, 1981, and the church was named a minor basilica on August 30, 1987.
Sources: Letter from Magister Bogdan Michalak and data from Frans Wols.
             : Wikipedia and others.

                                                                                Poland 2000, Mi 3850, Sc -.


On the cover and on the postmark the former Dominican
church in Różanystok with the postage stamp of the icon
of the Blessed Mother of God in Różanystok.

Roland 2000, Mi 3850, Sc --.


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