Francis Romain
22 March 1647 - 7 January 1735

A brief biography.


Francis Romain was born in Gent, Belgium, on 22 March 1647 to Bartholomeus Rooman and Barbara Lambrecht. He studied mathematics, entered the Dominicans in Maastricht on 19 April 1672 and was professed on 7 Mai 1675.  As an architect he constructed and restored many priories. He built a new hospice, infirmary and the arched roof of the refectory of the Dominican priory in Gent, 'Het Pand', 1683-1684.  On demand of the municipality of Maastricht he built the second arc of the Saint Servatius bridge from 24 April till 14 August 1683.


The Pont Royal, Paris.

The first wooden bridge was constructed so as to replace a ferry in Paris, that was used since 1550, in 1632.  It carried different names; Barbier, Pont Rouge, Pont de Tuileries or Pont Saint Anne (in reference to Anne of Austria). Forbidden to carriages it cost ‘double’to foot passengers, horse riders and animals as on the bridge au Double.



In 1656 numerous floods and fires cut off this bridge of 15 arches. Madame de Sevigne reported the flood of 1684 and of the 28th and 29th of February: The bridge lost eight of its arches. Louis XIV then ordered the construction at his cost, of a bridge made of stone that had been suggested since 1632


Louvois Superintendent of the Buildings of the King, gave Jules Hardouin Mansart or Mansard (1647-1708) the responsibility for the planning, and gave Jacques Gabriel (1667-1742) the responsibility of construction.

Jacques Gabriel built two piers at the side of Saint Germain, but the third pier was destroyed by the current. Than the King ask the Dominican brother Francois Romain to complete the bridge. He finished the bridge with four piers on 25 October 1685.
King Louis XIV appointed Francois Romain on 11 October 1695 Inspector of Roads and Bridges and Director of Buildings for the King of France till 1732.

Francis Romain died 7 January 1735 in the priory of Saint Germain in Paris.


He built many churches and priories. Among others: Tower and vaults of the priory Saint Eligius in Atrecht (Arras); the church Saint-Didier of Alsfeld.

The city Maastricht honoured Francis Romain with the street 'Franciscus Romanusweg'. 





Francis Romain built the hospice, the infirmary and the arched roof of the refectory of the Dominican priory
‘Het Pand’
in Gent, 1683-1684. 


Belgium 1964, Mi 1364, Sc B 764.








Francis Romain completed the Pont Royal in Paris
on 25 October 1685.


France 1948-50, Mi 865, Sc C 27. 







Francis Romain built the second arch of the Saint Servatius bridge in Maastricht (the Netherlands),



Netherlands1968, Mi 894, Sc B 434.








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