Marcolino Armanni
or Marcolino de Forli

A brief biography

Marcolino Armanni, a native of the city of Forli, was born in 1317, and joined the Dominican Order at the age of ten.

As lay brother, he occupies a place unique in Dominican annals. He lived the mystical life with such intensity that he was nearly always rapt in ecstasy and unconscious of the thinks around him. He died in 1397. Many miracles were worked of the tomb of Marcolino.

Source: Dorcy, O.P., Mary Jean: St. Dominic's Family. Dominicana Publications, Washington. Tan Books and Publishers, Illinois, 1983, p. 178-179.

The Dominican priory San Giacomo Apostolo (Saint Jaime the Apostle), is now known as 'Complesso San Domenico', restored in 2004. 

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Honouring the opening of the complex 'San Domenico'
in Forli. In the postmark the text:
Inaugurazione restauro complesso S. Domenico.

Italy 2004. Postmark Forli 15.05.2004.




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