South America
Sanctuary of Santa Rosa de Santa María (1708)
Local Name: Sanctuario de Santa Rosa de Lima
20/30 April 1586 - 24 August 1617


Brief description.

On the western edge of old Lima, along Avenida Tacna you find the Sanctuario de Santa Rosa de Lima, on the corner of Jirón Lima. It was built at the location of her birthplace.

Rosa de Santa María of Lima, Spanish Santa Rosa de Lima, original name Isabel de Flores y de Oliva, was born April 20/30 1586, in the Saint Dominic Street in Lima, to Gaspar Flores from Puerto Rico and Maria de Oliva from Huáuco, Perú.

Born into a wealthy family, Rose (the name by which she was always known) was drawn to penitential practices and a spiritual life, which was opposed by her mother, who wanted her to marry. The struggle between them lasted 10 years, during which time Rose made a perpetual vow of virginity, taking the Italian Dominican sister Saint Catherine of Siena (25.3.1347-29.4.1380) as her model.

In 1606, - she was twenty -,her mother relented and allowed Rose to become a Dominican sister of the Third Order of Saint Dominic  (August 30, 1606).  Rose chose strict enclosure and contemplation and withdrew to the seclusion of a hut  in the family garden, built by her and her brother.  There she endured a life of severe austerity: she wore a crown of thorns, practiced fasting, slept on a bed of broken glass and potsherds, and experienced numerous visions, particularly of the devil.

Every day she visited the church of Santo Domingo of the Dominican priory Santa Maria del Rosario and frequently spoke she with her confessors Juan de Lorenzana, O.P. and Pedro de Loayza, O.P. Only in the last three years of her life, -  1614 till 24 August 1617 -, did she leave her seclusion.

She died August 24, 1617, in the house of her friends Gonzalo de la Maza and María Uzátegui in Lima.  Her funeral in the church of Santo Domingo was an occasion of public honour, and many miracles were said to have occurred after her death. She was buried in the complex of the Dominican priory.

She was beatified by Pope Clement IX on 15 April 1668, and declared patron of Lima.
Pope Clement X declared her patron of all South America, the Indies, the Philippines in 11 April 1671, and canonized her 12 April 1671.
She is the first person born in the Western Hemisphere to be canonized by the Romen Catholic Church.

In 1708, friends built a Sanctuary near the family garden to save the hut or hermitage from 1606.

The construction of Avenida Tacna destroyed a section of the already small seventeenth-century church, but in the patio next door you can visit in the garden  the hermitage built by Santa Rosa and her brother.
It was constructed in 16o6; the silver lemon planted by the Saint and a pool 19 meters deep into which she threw her metal belt, which circled her waist, a penitence Saint took on.

The Sanctuary building was completed in 1728, but was demolished in 1874 to build a church. In 1912, the Dominicans took back management of the site, rebuilt the sanctuary to 1923.The tomb of Rosa de Lima and of Martin de Porres is located in the priory near the Dominican Church in Lima. Inside the building, there are two beautiful and quiet patios with amazing tiled walls (original Spanish tiles of the 17th century). Here is the tomb of Santa Rosa de Lima and San Martin de Porres (one of the few black saints).

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300the anniversary of the sanctuary
of Santa Rosa de Santa María, Lima. 

Her portrait after the painting by the Peruvian Francisco Laso
(1823-1869), after the portrait
, presented by María Oliva,
mother of Rose, preserved
in the monastery of Saint Catharine
of Siena in Lim

On the background the Interior of the Sanctuary.

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