Valentine Berrio - Ochoa y Aristi
14 February 1827 - 1 November 861

A brief description.

 The city of Elorrio is situated in the region Vascongadas, near Eba, North Spain.
In 1053, the San Agustn de Etxebarria monastery was founded, which in time was renovated and eventually became present-day church (an example of Gothic architecture).

In 1356, Don Tello, Lord of Biscay, officially created Elorrio through a foundational charter on the land where the monastery stood, as a means of creating a town to defend his borders against invasion from neighbouring Guipuzkoa.

In 1468 the town was the site of a major battle between warring clan factions in the Basque Country (the Oacinos and the Gamboinos).


16th 18th century.


However, incidents of this type decreased, and between the sixteenth and the eighteenth centuries, the town's fortunes grew, gaining renown for its iron-forges, and especially the production of lances. As a result of this economic expansion, a number of important buildings were constructed (mostly during the sixteenth century) that are today considered monuments of significant historical and architectural importance.


19th - 20th century.


In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Elorrio, although it remained a predominantly rural town, became a tourist destination, as people visited the locality to attend one of its two well-known spas.

After the Spanish Civil War, Elorrio went through a period of industrialization, with a number of small, family firms and worker cooperative enterprises emerging.

In 1964, the whole town was the first one in Bizkaia to be declared a Centre of Historical and Artistic Importance. 
A famous citizen is the Dominican Bishop Balendin Berrio-Otxoa y Aristi (Valentine de Berrio-Ochoa in Spanish).


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 Valentine Berrio-Ochoa y Aristi was born 14 February 1827 at Elorrio (Vizcaya) Spain. He was for many years acolyte in the monastery of Santa Ana of the Dominican nuns.

(Cover of the Monastery of Saint Ana)


He entered the Dominican Order and was professed 12 November 1850. Ordained a priest on 14 June 1851 he was sent to the Philippines. He was appointed Coadjutor Vicar Apostolic of Central Tonkin (Vietnam) and Titular Bishop of Centuria on 25 December 1857. Ordained bishop on 27 June 1858 he was working in Tonkin.

During the reign of King T c he was martyred by beheading together with Jerome Hermosilla, O.P. (13.09.1800-01.11.1861) and Peter Amato, at Hai Dng, (Vietnam) on 1 November 1861.

He was beatified on 20 Mai 1906 by Pope Pius X.
He was canonized with 116 other martyrs of Vietnam by Pope John Paul II in Rome, 19 June 1988. 





Valentine Berrio-Ochoa (14.02.1827-01.11.1861), Bishop in Tonkin and there decapitated 1st November 1861. Canonized by John Paul II in Rome, 19.06.1988.


Spain 1981, Bilbao.VI Philatelic Exhibition for the Youth in the College of Berrio-Ochoa.
Postmark with his face. Bilbao 30 March 1981.





  Receipt stamp canonization.


  Postmark with Valentine Berrio-Ochao.


  Spain 1997. Postmark Elorrio 04.07.1997.





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