Agnes of Montepulciano


A brief biography.


Agnes of Segni (of Montepulciano) was born at Gracciano-Vecchio, Tuscany, Italy, 1268. As a pious child she admitted at age nine to the sisters of the monastery del Sacco. When her spiritual director sister Margaret was appointed prioress at Procena, she took Agnes with her. Agnes's reputation for holiness attracted other sisters which elected her as prioress after receiving permission from Pope Nicholas IV in 1283. 

In 1298 she returned to Montepulciano to work in a new Dominican monastery and was there the prioress since 1306. She built the Saint Mary Oratorium in Montepulciano for the Porta al Prato that till now exists.

She died 20 April 1317 at the monastery of Montepulciano of natural causes following a lengthy illness. Many miracles reported at her tomb. Her body incorrupt was translated to the Dominican church San Domenico at Orvieto in 1435. She was beatified by Pope Clemens VIII in 1601 and canonized by the Dominican Pope Benedict XIII in 1726.

Her biographer was Raymond of Capua, O.P. (1330-1399).

Agnes has a statue on the facade of the church Maria Rotunda of the priory in Vienna, Austria.





The city Montepulciano, where Agnes Segni (of Montepulciano), lived, 1268-20.4.1317, and was the prioress of the monastery after 1298 till her dead on 20 April 1317. She is buried in the church San Domenico in Orvieto since 1435.

Italy 1990, Mi 2144, Sc 1804.




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