Albert the Great

                                                          c.a. 1200 - 15.11.1280

                                         Part II

His portraits, schools named after him,



Portraits of Albertus the Great


Wooden life-size statue of Albert the Great at the confessional by W.Herrickx the Older (1652-1719) in the church of Saint Paul of the Dominican priory in Antwerpen.


Belgium 1969, Mi 1539, Sc 676.





On many stamps and postmarks Albert the Great is reproduced from a painting by Joos (Justus) of Ghent, also of Wassenhove, (Ghent ca 1435/40 - Urbino ca 1480). He became a member of the Antwerp Guild in 1460, but had to move to Ghent, 1464, where he was a friend of Hugo van der Goes. At some time after 1468 he went to Rome, and  settled in Urbino, 1474, where he worked for Duke Federico da Montefeltro.

Joos's only documented work is The Communion of the Apostles (also known as The Institution of the Eucharist, 1472-74), which is preserved in the Galleria Nazionale, Urbino.

                                                                Germany 1961 Mi 347, Sc 824.



The most important work, attributed to Joos, are a series of twenty-eight Famous Men (Galleria Nazionale, Urbino, and Louvre, Paris), commissioned for the library of the Ducal Palace. Their authorship is controversial, and they may have been a work of collaboration between Joos and the Spanish painter Pedro Berruguete


To this series belongs the portrait of Albert the Great (on canvas, 122 x 69 cm).
A copy is conserved in the Andrews priory in

Albertus Magnus Exhibition by his 700the days of his death.  
Historisches Archiv der Stadt Köln, 1980. p. 213.



Frescoes,  Paintings, Relieves, Statues 


Albertus Magnus is represented on the façade's balustrade
of the
of the priory at Vienna at the left.


Austria 1966, Mi 1202, Sc 757.






In memory of Albert J. A. Mosmans members of the family Mosmans:-  H. Mosmans Senior, J. Mosmans archivist of the cathedral, Jan Mosmans and St. Mosmans assistant organist -, commissioned the studio of H. Jonkers (1877-1963).on 15 April 1942 for a statue of Albert the Great for the cathedral of Saint John -Evangelist in 's Hertogenbosch, Holland. It was placed in 1943.
Guide: 125 Heiligenbeelden in de St. Janskathedraal te 's-Hertogenbosch.1984, number 65.


Netherlands 1986. Postmark 's-Hertogenbosch 12.11.1986.


The Dominican artist Fra Angelico painted  two times Albert the Great:
Source: Venturino Alice, O.P.: Cataloghi ed Indici delle Opere del beato Angelico.
On the predella of his panel Pala di Fiesole (1424-1430). Alice, o.c. p. 354, number 9F.

and at the bottom of the fresco The Crucifixion (550x950 cm) in the Chapter Room of the priory of San Marco in Florence, 1441/42.  Alice, o.c. p.357, number 101.

It is a pity that the predella of the painting and the bottom if the fresco are not reproduced on stamps.


Schools and Universities


Albert the Great Gymnasium in Köln



First Cologne's ship postage stamps exhibition
in the Albert the Great Gymnasium, Köln, 1980.


Germany 1980. Postmark Köln 25.10.1980.



Albertus-Magnus-Kolleg in Königstein


The Albert the Great Begegnung
in Königstein, Haus der Begegnung.
Germany 1988. Königstein 06.07.1988.
Machine postage stamp


Germany, the Albertus-Magnus-
Kolleg in Königstein.

Germany 1994. Wetzlar 10.12.1994.
Machine postage stamp





founded by Guillaume-Joseph Chaminade (1761-22.1.1850),

founder of the Marists (1817).


Postmark after the mosaic Mary, Queen of the World, by Hermann Bach in the school-chapel of the Albert the Great school, Semperstrasse at Wien. The letter A is the symbol for Albertus with the mitre for his identity as bishop.


Austria 1966. Postmark 1966.                                        On order.



Albert the Great with feather and book, leaded lights (1955) by Josef Widmoser in the chapel of the Albert the Great School, Semperstrasse at Wien, for the 1000-years jubilee of Austria 1976.


Austria 1976. Postmark Wien 15.11.1976. 





The fathers Marists founded the Albert the Great School in Wien, 13.9.1891, and celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the school 1937-1987. In the postmark Guillaume-Joseph Chaminade (1761-22.1.1850), founder of the Marists (1817), beatified 3.9.2000.






On the cover of the coat of arms of the school: mitre and book: Albert as scholar and bishop. Above left: the star: symbol of the Virgin, the guiding star of the Marists. At the right three half-moons, a part of the town arms of Bordeaux, foundation town of the Marists.

Austria 1987. Postmark Wien 16.11.1987.
In the postmark as symbols of Albert the Great: The cross, mitre and book: symbols of bishop Albert the Great.




The old front of the Albert the Great School, Michaelerstrasse at
Wien, founded by the fathers Marists and inaugurated 13.08.1891.


Austria 1992. Postmark Vienna 29.05.1992.






Postmark with the letters AMS as stars: Albertus Magnus Schule (Albert the Great School) at Wien; drawing of a schoolboy, eleven years of the gymnasium.


Austria 1992. Postmark Wien 25.11.1992.



Centenary of the Albert the Great School at Wien,
founded by the fathers Marists 13.09.1891.
In the postmark the portrait of G.J. Chaminade,
founder of the fathers Marists (1817), beatified
by Pope John Paul II, 03.09.2000.


Austria 2001. Postmark Wien 22.01.2001.






 Festivities commemorated Albert the Great


The city Andernach commemorated Albert the Great with
the Albertus Magnus Woche.


Germany 1954. Postmark Andernach 01.08.1954.





On the postcard for the National Stamp Exhibition Naposta' 81 in Stuttgart the printed mark of Albert the Great.
The postmark with the same picture.


Germany 1981. Postal card Naposta '81.







Pope John Paul II visits Germany from 15 till 19 November and prays before the tomb of Albert the Great in the church of Saint Andrew in Köln.


Vatican City 1980. KimCover PW136.                    




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