Andrea F. Morlion
First president of the 'University Pro Deo', Rome.

A brief history.

The 'Università Pro Deo' was erected in Rome in 1966, with as first president Andrea Felix Morlion, O.P.  till 31.10.1975.
A group
of experts under the guidance of Umberto Agnelli, developed  in 1974 a new plan and so started the 'Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali' (LUISS) in 1978 with as first president Guido Carli from 01.11.1978 till 23.04.1993. The University was renamed in honour of Carli as 'l' Università (in memoria di) Guido Carli' in 1994.




Italy 2003, Mi 2907, Sc --.


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