Anthony Gonzaléz of Acuña


A brief biography.


Anthony Gonzaléz of Acuña was born in Lima, Peru, and entered the Dominican Order in the priory of Lima in 1620.

He was professor of theology and was zealous for the beatification of Rose of Lima, pronounced  by pope Clement  IX on 15 April 1668. Clement X canonized her on 12 April 1671.

Acuna was appointed  the 13th bishop of Caracas, Venezuela, by decree of Pope Clement X, 17 November 1670. He founded in Caracas the Santa-Rosa seminary, 30 September 1673, promoted to university in 1725. The central part of the University is now the National Library of Venezuela.

He died 22 February 1682 in Trujillo, Venezuela. 

He wrote some books about Rose of Lima.



Guillermo Alvarez Perca, O.P.: Historia de la orden Dominicana en el Peru Siglos XVI-XVII. Lima 1997, p. 288.




Bishop Anthony Gonzaléz of Acuña, O.P. (1620-22.02.1682) before his cathedral at Caracas,
built 1595 and twice
destroyed by earthquakes.

On the stamp the old cathedral.


Venezuela 1998, Mi 3327, Sc 1604.






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