Antoninus Pierozzi

A brief biography.

Antoninus Pierozzi, - original name Antonino de’ Forciglioni, Antonino also spelled Antonio -, also Antoninus of Florence, was born in Florence on 1 March 1389 and entered the Dominican Order, after having memorized the entire Decretals to prove his ability, in the priory of Cortona in 1405.

He was prior at Fiesole (1418), Cortona, Naples (1424) and Rome 1430 in the priory Maria sopra Minerva. Returning to Florence, he founded in 1436 the priory of San Marco, was there prior (1439-1444) and attended the Council of Florence (1439-1445. In 1446 Antoninus, although unwilling, was compelled by pope Eugenius IV to become archbishop of Florence, where he was greatly beloved for his charity and for his indefatigable aid during the plague of 1448 and the earthquake of 1453. 

He died on May 2, 1459, and lies buried in the sarcophagus with a bronze relief by Domenico Portigiani, O.P. (1536-1619), in Michelozzo's sacristy of the church of San Marco, Florence. Nearby is the Chapel of St. Antoninus with marble and bronze decorations by Giambologna (1529-13.8.1608) and Francavilla, and other works by Alessandro Allori and Battista Naldini. Antoninus was beatified by Pope Adrian VI on 31 May 1523, canonized by Pope Clement VII on 26 November 1524.

Antoninus' principal works are his Summa moralis (Venice, 1477) and Summa confessionum (Mondovì, 1472). Antoninus has a medallion in the church Maria Rotunda of the priory in Vienna, Austria. His bust is preserved in the Dominican church Santa Maria Novella in Florence.  The loggia of the Galleria degli Uffizi in Florence preserved
a statue of Antoninus by the Italian sculptor Giovanni Dupré (Siena 1817-Florence 1882).


In the Dominican Basilica minor ad S. Mariam Rotondam,
Vienna, Antoninus Pierozzi is decorated in a medallion
on one of the four pillars.

Austria 1960, Mi 1202, Sc 757.                                                



Antoninus (03.1389-02.05.1459) preaches to the people of
and two Dominicans. Relief by Domenico Portigiani, O.P.
(1536-1619) after drawings of the Florentine painter Domenico Cresti,
alias Passignani (1560-1638) in the Antonino
- Burial Chapel
of the church San Marco, Florence.

Vatican City 1960, Mi 337, Sc 292.




Statue of Antoninus (03.1389-02.05.1459) by the Italian sculptor
Giovanni Dupré (Siena 1817-Florence 1882), preserved in the loggia
of the Galleria degli Uffi
zi in Florence.
He is represented as archbishop between the physician, philosopher
and botanist Andrea Cesalpino (
06.06.1519-25.02.1603) and the
leading jurist of the 13th century Francesco Accorso (1182-1260),
famous citizens of the city.

Vatican City 1960, Mi 334, Sc 269.


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