Augustine Kažotic
or Augustine of

A brief biography.

Augustine Kažotic (Gazotti), also named Augustine of Lucera, was born in Trau (Trogir), Dalmatia, between 1260 and 1265 in an aristocratic family. He entered the Dominican Order in the priory in Split. After his studies he travelled with a friend to France for studies at the Sorbonne. But near Pavia they were set upon by enemies of his friend’s family, and both were left for dead When found, his companion was dead, and Kažotic was badly injured.

After recovering. he continued his journey and studied at the University of Paris (Sorbonne), 1378. After completing his studies, he was associated with Niccolo Bocass, O.P. (Boccasini, 1240-07.07.1304), the 9th master-general of the Order (1296-1298). He became a cardinal of Santa Sabina on 05.12.1298.
When cardinal Boccasini visited as papal legate Hungary, he remembered Kazotic’s theological and diplomatically qualities. When he himself ascended the papal throne as Pope Benedict XI on 22.10.1303 till 07.07.1334, he appointed Kažotic bishop of Zagreb in Hungary in 1303.

He began  by reforming the clergy. He finished  building the cathedral and made a complete visitation of his diocese. He introduced the Rite of Zagreb, founded the cathedral school for candidates of the priesthood and others.
He organized two episcopal synods (1307 and
1314) and participated the Oecumenical Council in France. The capital library is his foundation and existed to day.

As a very active member of the Croatian Parliament, he led the episcopal delegation to Avignon, where he presented complaints to the Pope concerning the Hungarian-Croatian King Charles Robert of Anjou in 1318

When the King him not allowed to return to his diocese in Zagreb, the Pope appointed him as the bishop of Lucera, a city in Foggia (Southern-Italy).
In this city lived many Saracens from Sicily transported by Frederic II for his battle against the Popes and Barons of the Kingdom of Naples.
mass-conversion of this people was in 1300 and upon the fundaments of their destroyed mosque by Charles II, arose the present cathedral Santa Maria della Vitoria.

He was only one year bishop of Lucera, and died on 3rd August 1323 in the priory of the Dominicans in Nocera (Nucerinensis), where he is buried.

Under his statue is the legend: Sanctus Augustinus Episcopus Lucerinus Ordinis Praedicatorum.
Some relics are transferred to a chapel in the cathedral of Zagreb. Charles, archduke of Calabria ask the Pope to beatify him in 1325, and this is realized by Pope Clement XI in 1702.


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Bishop Augustine Kažotic, born ca 1260,
bishop of Zagreb 1303-1322, and bishop
of Lucera from 1322 till his death on 3rd
August 1323.

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