Bartolommeo della Porta

A brief biography.

Bartolommeo della Porta ( named Baccio) was born in Soffignano, Italy, son of a Genoese family, owner of mules and carsons, 28 March 1473. Later the family settled at the Porta di San Pier Gattolini in Florence, and the son was named Baccio della Porta. He trained there under the painter Cosimo Roselli from 1484 till 1490.
He was influenced by Girolamo Savonarola of which he made a portrait on panel (47 x 31 cm), now preserved in the oratorium of prior Savonarola in the priory San Marco.
Baccio joined Savonarola as Piagnone and took part in the publicly burning of his works in 1496 and 1497. He give up art, entered the Dominican order in the priory San Marco, Florence,1500, and changed his name to fra Bartolommeo della Porta. On request of Savonarola Bartolommeo began to paint again, four years later, producing the Vision of St. Bernard (1504-1507, Academia, Florence).
After a trip to Venice in 1508, where he was influenced by Giovanni Bellini, he became one of the chief exponents of colour composition in the Florentine school. From this period date the Eternal Father with Mary Magdalene and Saint Catherine of Siena (1509, Pinacoteca, Lucca)
, the Marriage of St. Catherine (1511, Louvre, Paris; and 1512, Academia, Florence), many done in collaboration with his friend Mariotto Albertinelli.
Bartolommeo's later works, such as the Madonna della Misericordia (1515, Pinacoteca), reflect the
High Renaissance style of Michelangelo and Raphael, which he had encountered on a trip to Rome in 1514.
* He died in Florence on 6 October 1517.


The Risen Christ with Apostles.
Preserved in ???

Ajman 1972, Mi 1924.


The Holy Family, detail.
Preserved in the Galleria Borghese, Rome.

Burundi 1981, Mi 1561, 1565, Bl 114; Sc 582, C283, d.
Burundi 1981, with tax: Mi 1569, 1573, Bl 115.
The same painting on
Cook Islands 1969, Mi 233, Bl 5; Sc 269.

The Madonna Carondelet, panel 260 x 230 cm, ca 1511, preserved in the Cathedral of Besancon, France.
Carondelet (or Carandolet, Carondolet, 1469-7/8 Febr. 1645) was the dean of the Cathedral Chapter of the Cathedral in Besancon (1493), and after many functions Archbishop of Palermo and Primate of Sicilia.

Congo People's Republic 1992, Mi 1335, Sc 995C.
                                         1998, Mi 1529, Sc --.

Madonna and  Child with young John the Baptist.
Preserved ?

Sierra Leone 1992, Mi 1929, Sc 1595.The same picture:
Grenada-Grenadines 1985, Mi 734, Sc 725.

Presentation of Christ in the Temple.

Preserved ???

Guyana 1994, Mi 4970, Bl 445; Sc 2899.



Girolamo Savonarola, O.P. on panel 47 x 31 cm.
Preserved in the cell of Savonarola in the Museo di San Marco (priory San Marco), Florence.

Italy 1952, Mi 868, Sc 609.
Triest 1962, Mi 185, Sc 153, with overprint AMG-FTT:
Allied Military Government - Free Territory Trieste.

Also Gambia 1999, Mi 3484, Sc 2180 q.

The Holy Family.

preserved ???

Niue 1990, Mi 768, Sc 590.


The Entombment of Christ. (the burial of Christ),
on panel 158 x 199 cm. 1516.
Completed after Bartolommeo's
death on 06.10.1516, by Bugiardini, 1517.
Preserved in the Galleria Pitti, Florence.

St. Christopher, Nevis, Anquilla 1974, Mi 275. Sc 283.


Saint Dominic. Fresco retouched by the designer
of the stamp.


Spain 1965, Mi 1533, Sc 1295.




The Virgin and Child and Saint John.
Panel 13 x 75 cm. Preserved in the National Gallery (collection Mond) 
in London.

Trinidad and Tobago 1971, Mi 286, Sc 203.



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