Dominic of Catalonga

A brief biography.



Dominic of Catalonga (+ ca 1477-1478) was the lector and the prior of the Dominican priory of Bologna, when he was transferred to the priory Saint Apollinaris at Pavia. There he undertook great apostolic activities, especially the foundation of the Ospedale grande di San Matteo o delle Pietà, ca 1448. After that we find him in Milano as the founder of the priory Santa Maria delle Grazie

Since 1466 he is again in Pavia where he died in 1477 or 1478.





Painting of Vincenzo Foppa (1427/1430-1515/1516), master of the Lombardy School, 15th century.


On his Pala Bottigella, oil on wood, ca. 1465, 176x125 cm., Dominic of Catalogna, O.P. on the left, presented John Matthew Butigela (Bottigella or Botigella) to the Virgen.


Sibylline Biscossi, O.P., member of the Third Order of Saint Dominic, on the right, presented  Butigela’s wife Bianca Visconti to the Madonna.


The painting is preserved in the Civica Pinacoteca Malaspina in Pavia.






                      Malawi 1977, Mi 291, (Bl 50), Sc 313.










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