Francis of Sá Meneses

A brief biography.

The Portuguese poet Francis de Sá Meneses was born in Porto (Portugal) about 1600.

After the death of his wife, he joined the Dominicans in Lisbon in 1242. In this priory he rewrote his poem, published in 1634 'Malaka conquistada',  the conquest of  Malaka with Alonso d'Albuquerque as the principal character.

His epic was published in 1658 and is clearly influenced byTorquato Tasso (1544-25 April 1595), and remarkable by the depiction of Oriental  customs and traditions.

He died on 27 Mai 1664 in Lisbon.
He has been depicted on the sockle of the monument
designed by Victor Bastor to Luis Vaz de Camoes
(circa 1524-1580) in Lisbon in 1867.

Portugal 1924, Mi 346, Sc 345.


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