Innocent V 

A brief biography.

Innocent V, original name Pierre de Tarentaise, was born ca. 1224 in Tarentaise, Savoy.
 At the age of sixteen he joined the Dominican Order, ca 1240. He completed his education at the University of Paris from 1255-1259, where he graduated as master in sacred theology in 1259, and where he taught from 1259 to 1264 and from 1267 to 1269 and is known as "the most famous doctor", "Doctor famosissimus" He collaborated with Albertus Magnus, O.P. and Thomas Aquinas, O.P. in drafting a rule of studies for the Dominican order.
After administering the French province of the Dominicans (c.1264-67 and 1269-72), he was appointed archbishop of Lyon in 1272 by Pope Gregory X, who made him cardinal bishop of Ostia Antica, Papal States (c. 1273).

He played a prominent part at the Second Council of Lyon (1274). At this Council died suddenly Bonaventure, and Innocent pronounced the funeral oration on the same day, 15 July 1274.


Elected in Arezzo on 21st January 1276 as successor to Gregory X, whose intimate adviser he was, he assumed the name of  Innocent V and was the first Dominican pope. He sought to reconcile Guelphs and Ghibellines in Italy, restored peace between Pisa and Lucca, and mediated between Rudolph of Habsburg and Charles of Anjou. He likewise endeavoured to consolidate the union of the Greeks with Rome concluded at the Council of Lyon.

He died at Rome, 22nd June 1276 and is beatified by Pope Leo XIII, 13th March 1898. 
His principal writing is his "Commentary on the Sentences of Peter Lombard" (Toulouse, 1652). A commentary on the Pauline Epistles frequently published under the name of  Nicholas of Gorran (Cologne, 1478) is claimed for him by some critics.

Pope Innocent V has a medallion in the church Maria Rotunda of the priory in Vienna, Austria.



On the pillar in the Dominican basilica minor Ad Santam Mariam Rotondam
n Vienna a medallion of Innocentius V.


Austria 1966, Mi 1202. Sc 757.





 Front of the church San Paolo fuori le mura at  Rome.
In this church a series of medallions with a picture of the Popes.

Also the Dominican Popes: Innocent V, Pope 21.1.1276-22.6.1276:
Benedict XI, Pope 22.10.1303-7.7.1304; Pius V,
Pope 7.1.1566-1.5.1572; Benedict XIII
,  Pope 29.5.1724-21.2.1730.


Vatican City 2000, Mi 1326. Sc 1140.





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