Jerome Cavero


A brief biography.


Jerome Cavero was born, ca 1770 as the legal son at Pedro Cavero and Teresa Joaquina Rosas. He entered the Dominican priory of Saint Paul in Arequipa, Perú.

He graduated a doctor in theology at the university Antonio Abad in Cusco, and was a member of the Holy Office in Lima.

 In the battle for independence he was vicar-general of the army, commanded by José Manuel de Goyeneche. He followed the troops four years through Bolivia and Argentina and succoured the wounded men. After this task he was appointed vicar of the parish for Yanahuara on 23 December 1818. During the provincial chapter he was elected provincial, 1820, and was advisor for the Peruvian board for independence. When José de San Martin official proclaimed the independence of Perú on the Plaza de Armas in Lima, Jeronymo Cavero was on the platform and gave an address on 28 July 1821. He signed in the name of the Dominicans of Perú the 'Acta de juramento de la Independencia de los religiosos Dominicos' in the chapter room of the priory Santo Domingo in Lima on 30 July 1821. He died after 1822.



Guillermo Alvarez Perca, O.P.: Historia de la Orden Dominicana en el Peru (Siglos XVIII-XIX), Lima 1997, p. 151-161.








Proclamation of the Oath of Independence of Peru from Spain to the people on the Plaza de Armas in Lima by José de San Martin on 28 July 1821. Jerome Cavero,
spoke to the people.

Painting by the Peruvian artist Juan Emilio Sanchez
in the Palacio Nacional, Lima.


Peru 1921, Mi 186, Sc 225.








 Proclamation of the Independence by José de San Martín in presence among others the Provincial Jerome Cavero, O.P.(at
the right, wearing a white habit), and José
-Bernardo Alcedo,
, composer of the National Anthem, in the City Hall of
Lima on 23 July 1821. 


Peru 1971, Mi 822, Sc 325.







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