John Baptist Maino

A brief biography.

Juan Bautista Maino (or Mayno), was born in Italy, Pastrana, 1581. There is a tradition that he was a pupil of El Greco in Toledo, but there is no suggestion of this in Maino's clear and firm style, which was formed in Italy c
a. 1600-1610.


In about 1620 he moved from Toledo to Madrid, where he worked for Philip III and Philip IV (whose drawing master he had been) and was a friend of Velázquez. 

Maino was a Dominican priest as well as an artist, but although he painted religious works, he is most highly regarded for his portraits, outstanding among which is the formidably characterized Dominican Monk (Ashmolean, Oxford, ca.1635).

He died at Madrid 1st February 1649.






Adoration of the Magi, oil on canvas, 314 x 174 cm. by the Italian Juan Bautista Maino, O.P. (ca.1568-01.02.1649), painter at the Spanish court of  Felipe III and Felipe IV in Madrid.
This painting is preserved in the Museo del Prado, Madrid.           


Spain 1969, Mi 1837, Sc 1590. On maximum-card.

The same painting:

Antigua and Barbuda 2000, Mi 3349, d, e, f,; Sc 2409, d, e, f.

Equatorial Guinea 1973, Mi 304, Sc

Benin 1996, Mi 797, Sc 841.

Burundi 1968, Mi 465, 479, Bl 31, 40; Sc  C96.

Grenada 1992, Mi 2479, Sc 2120.

Paraguay 1971, Mi 2130, Sc 1318 d.





Apollo 8, launched on December 21, 1968, after an initial Earth orbit was injected into a translunar trajectory, inserted into lunar orbit for 10 orbits, and then returned safely to earth.


Live television broadcasts were made during the mission.

Stamp Adoration of the Magi  by Juan Bautista Maino, O.P.

Burundi 1969, Mi 479, Sc C96.

Stamp 465 whit overprint vol de Noël Apollo 8.









Painting The adoration of the shepherds (1612) by Juan Bautista Maino, O.P. (c. 1568-1.2.1649) for the church of the Dominican priory Peter Martyr in Toledo.



Preserved in Museo Balaguer in Villanueva y Geltrú, Spain.


Venezuela 1974, Mi 1999-2000, Sc 1098-1099.

The same painting:

Burundi 1967, Mi 382, Bl 24; Sc 322.

Spain 1965, Mi 1585, Sc 1330.

Uruguay 1990, Mi 1883-84.






The adoration of the shepherds, oil on canvas,145 x 102 cm.
by Maino for the church San Bartolomé de Sonsoles in Toledo.

It is preserved in the Hermitage of St. Petersburg, Russia.


Paraguay 1976, Mi  2751, Sc C432.                                  

The same painting:

Cook Islands 1975, Mi  472, 477, Bl.47, 51; Sc 440.





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