John van der Ploeg

A brief biography.

(Jan) Peter,Mary van der Ploeg was born on 4 July 1909 in Nijmegen and joined  the Dominican Province of the Netherlands on 18 September 1926.

After completing his studies in the dominican priory of Le Saulchoir, he received the priesthood 6 July 1932. After several assignments, he became professor of Biblical Sciences and Hebrew at the École Biblique of Jerusalem. In 1951 he became professor at the Catholic University of Nijmegen, teaching Exegesis of the Old Testament, Hebrew, and Syriac in 1956.  He was a member of the Royal Dutch Academy of Arts since 1980.

He died in Nijmegen 4 August 2004, and was buried on the cemetery of the Holy Land Foundation in Groesbeek, Holland.





A Bedouin shepherd accidentally discovered in a cave
at Khirbat Qumran in 1945 scrolls, which he
sold to an antiquary in Bethlehem.

This man showed them to the Dominican biblical
scientist J
ohn van der Ploeg, O.P. (04.07.1909-
), who recognized it as a text of Isaiah.


Israel 1997, Mi Bl 56; Sc 1306.





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