John Weenink
10.12.1908 - 23.04.1993

A brief history of the Dominican presence in the Netherlands Antilles, click here.

A brief  biography.

The Dominicans of the Province of the Netherlands are active on the Netherlands Antilles since 11 July 1870. They built parishes on the Islands Curacao, Aruba, Bonaire, Saint Maarten (1853), Saba (1881), and Saint Eustatius.

On Saint Eustatius John L.J. Weenink was the missionary.
He was born in Utrecht 10 December 1908, was student of the gymnasium in Rotterdam and of the Aloysius-College in Den Haag.
After studies at the college of the Canons Regular of the Order of the Holy Cross in Uden, he joined the Dominicans in the priory of Huissen and was professed 17 September 1932.
After receiving the priesthood on 25 July 1937, he arrived in the Netherlands Antilles on 15 October 1939.
Till  his return to Venlo, Holland, 1984, he was on Saint Eustatius.
He died 23 April 1993 in the priory Mariaweyde in Venlo.

The department of the Post office of The Antilles issued three stamps honouring the visit of Queen Beatrix to the Antilles in 1992. It is not clear why John Weenink is represented on this stamp. When the Queen visits the Antilles all the Netherlands are invited.
John Weenink is the first and till today (27 July
2008) the only Dutch Dominican on a stamp.


Honouring her 12½ Year Jubilee of Queen, Beatrix signed
the Jubilee register of her visit to Saint Eustatius. Behind the Queen
; at right John Weenink, O.P. (10.12.1908-23.04.1993).


Netherlands Antilles 1992, Mi 764, Sc 683.


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