Martin Bucer           

A brief biography.


Martin Bucer, also spelled Butzer, was born 11 November 1491, in Schlettstadt, Alsace. He entered the Dominican order in 1506. He was sent to study at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, where he became acquainted with the works of Erasmus and of Martin Luther.  In 1521 Bucer withdrew from the Dominicans and entered the service of the count palatine of the Rhine.

The following year he became pastor of Landstuhl, where he married a former nun. Excommunicated by the church in 1523, he made his way to Strassburg, where his parents' citizenship assured him of protection.

His personal charm, intellectual abilities, and zeal eventually gained him a position of leadership in Strassburg and southern Germany.

When caught up in the enthusiasm of the Reformation that was rapidly spreading in northern Europe, Bucer became a Protestant Reformer.
This reform through conversion, piety, and discipline found its fullest expression in the massive program for the reformation of England that he presented to King Edward VI of England in 1551.

He died in Cambridge, 28th February, 1551.






Portrait (1586) of Martin Bucer on the occasion
of the fifth centenary of his birth, 11th November


Postmark, 12.11.1991, for the exposition in the
of St.Thomas in Strassburg.


  France 1991. Postmark Strassburg 12.11.1991.






Portrait of  Martin Bucer with his life's data.


Germany 2001, Mi 2169, Sc 2111.

             Postmark Berlin 08.92.2001.







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