Michal Czartoryski, O.P.
 with many others murdered
5 September 1944 in Warsaw

Jan Franciszek Czartoryski was born on 19.02.1897 in Pelkini, Podkarpackie, Poland. He studied architecture at the Szech University in Lemberg (Lwów). Thereafter he joined the Dominicans in 1927, received the name Michal, and was professed 25.09.1928. He was ordained a priest in the Dominican church in Jaroslaw on 20.12.1931 and was master of the novices and students. He had a active role in the construction of the new priory of the Dominicans in Warsaw. As socially and politically involved, he was a friend and mediator for many academics and also well informed about the Polish resistance against the German influence. In 1940 Thadeusz count Komorowski had united many resistance groups with the Arma Krjowa, with 350-thousend members. When the Russian troops  approached Warsaw, Bor-Kiomorowsky as general of the resistance army, gave with agreement of the Polish government in exile, on 01.08.1944 the sign of the resistance in Warsaw. Himmler was furious and ordered to kill all the 500 Polish prisoners in Warsaw in the night of 1 and 2 August. On 4 August the German and Russian artillery approached Warsaw, but Himmler's SS, fortified with troops from Azerbeidjan, went to the offensive, and murdered with bullets, clubs and knives 15.000 men, women, boys and girls. Urgent requests of Churchill and Stalin to help the rebels were all in vain. On 2 September the old centre of Warsaw was in German hands; they occupied the hospital and evacuated all the medical employees on 6 September. The heavy wounded  rebels and citizens where not allowed to leave the hospital. Michal Czartoryski remained with them at his own choice. Half an hour after the evacuation, Germans killed the left-over people, among them Michal Czartoryski. Their bodies were burned on the barricades, constructed by the Polish to defend Warsaw. On 13.06.1999 John Paul II beatified 107 persons, killed by the Nazi's, and with them Czartoryski, now patron of Jaroslaw.  Sources: Letter from Bogdan Michalak, 23.07.2005. Encarta CD 2005.


The Dominican Michal Czartoryski, murdered
by the Germans in Warsaw on 05.09.1944.
Beatified by John Paul II on 13.06.1999,
and patron of Jaroslaw.

Poland postcard 142/2005,
postmark Jaroslaw 11.06.2005

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