Nicholas of Gorran (or Gorrain)

A brief biography.

Nicholas of Gorran or Gorrain was born in 1232 at Gorran, France. He entered the Dominican Order in the priory of his native town and became one of its most illustrious alumni. He was sent to the famous priory of St. James in Paris, and served in this priory several terms as prior. His sound judgment attracted the attention of Philip IV of France, whom he served as confessor and adviser.
In most of his ecclesiastical studies he does not seem to have excelled notably; but in preaching and in the interpretation of the Scriptures he was unsurpassed by any of his contemporaries.

His commentary on the Epistles of St. Paul is remarkably well done, and his gloss on the Apocalypse was deemed worthy of the highest recommendation.
His commentaries on the Gospels were published in folio at Cologne (1573) by Peter Quentel; and at Antwerp (1617) by John Keerberg. His commentaries on the Epistles of St. Paul were published at Cologne (1478); Hagenau (1502); Paris (1521); Antwerp (1617).

Besides his Scriptural writings he commented on Lombard's Book of Sentences and on the Book of Distinctions.

Nicholas Gorran died about 1295.




King Philip IV (the Fair, 1268-1314) and first States-General assembly of Nobility, Clergy and Commonalty
in Toulouse, 1302. Nicolas of Gorran was the confessor and advisor of King Philips IV.

On the stamp sitting on the foreground Nicholas of
Gorran, O.P.
The picture of the First Day Cover (FDC) shows him delivering a bull to King Philip IV. 

France 1968, Mi 1644, Sc 1228 FDC .


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