Patrick Cosgrabe

A brief biography.

Mother Patrick Mary Anne Cosgrabe (Cosgrave) was born in Ireland, and joined the Dominican Nuns of King William's Town in Johannesburg in 1861.
On demand of the government she laboured as nurse for the colonists in the area of Nashona and Matabele in February 1890.

She worked in the hospitals in Salisbury in July 1891 and founded the 'Congregation of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus' in 1898.
She died in 1909.

Every year the Irish Society of Nashoa-land organizes a pilgrimage to her grave.


Sister, mother Patrick Cosgrabe (Cosgrave) +1909.

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Patrick Cosgrave in Mashonaland.
                                                               On order
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picture in Michelrundchau 2008/5, p. 67.

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