Valentine Berrio - Ochoa


A brief biography.


Valentine Berrio-Ochoa y Aristi was born 1827 at Elorrio (Vizcaya) Spain. He was for many years acolyte in the monastery Santa Ana of the Dominican nuns.
He entered the Dominican Order and was sent to the Philippines.

From there he went to Vietnam in 1858, serving as a vicar apostolic and titular bishop until betrayed by an apostate.
He was martyred by beheading
together with Jerome Hermosilla, O.P. (13.09.1800-01.11.1861) and Peter Amato, by enemies of the Church on November 1, 1861 at Haûi Döông, (Vietman) during the reign of King Töï Ñöùc.
He was canonized, with 116 other martyrs of Vietnam by Pope John Paul II in Rome,19 June 1988.


Valentine Berrio-Ochoa (1827-01.11.1861),
vicar apostolic in
Tonkin and there decapitated
1st November 1861.

Canonized by John Paul II in Rome, 19.06.1988.


Spain 1981, Bilbao. VI Philatelic Exhibition for

      the Youth in the College of Berrio-Ochoa.





     Drawing of Valentine Berrio-Ochao.


     Spain 1997. Postmark Elorrio 04.07.1997.




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