Vincent of Valverde

A brief biography.

Vicente de Valverde was born ca 1506 in Oropesa, Spain, and was a nephew of the conquistador Francisco Pizarro (ca 1475-26.06.1541). Vincent was professed in the order of the Dominicans in 1524, and was during his studies in Valladolid a pupil of Francisco de Vitoria, O.P. (ca.1486-12.08.1546).
The first Spanish discovery of the South Coast was led by Francisco Pizarro and Diego Almagro (1474-1548) from Panama. They landed with their troops on the Island La Isla del Gallo, before the mouth of the Rio de San Juan on the end of 1526.
Returned in Panama
, Pizarro sailed to Spain to visit Charles V in 1528. After  receiving the Caputilación de Toledo (26 July 1529), - Pizarro was appointed governor of the discovered territories and general-captain for life - after which he returned to Panama. He sailed with troops, horses and three clergy-men (among them his nephew Vicente de Valverde, O.P.) to the south-coast of America on January 1531.
They settled near the island Puna, and discovered the territory of Peru in September 1532. There they met the Inca emperor Atahuallpa (ca. 1502-1533) in Cajamarca on 15 November 1532. Invited by the Spaniards to attend a feast in his honour, the Inca chief accepted.
Vicente de Valverde, O.P. spoke with Atahuallpa, but the Emperor couldn't accept the Christian faith and the sovereignty of Charles V of Spain. Atahuallpa threw de Valverde's Bible to the ground. Then de Valverde declared: Dea
th to the enemies: they don't have neither our friendship, nor our faith'' .
Atahuallpa was strangled by the Spaniards on 29 August 1533 and buried in Cajamarca. Vicente de Valverde accompanied the expedition of Pizarro through Peru and was present at he foundation of Jaujo (25.04.1534), Cusco (15.11.1534), and Lima (06.01.1535). He died 1541/42


The funeral of Atahuallpa on 29.08.1533.
Vincent of Valverde near the bier.

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The foundation of Jauja by Francisco Pizarro
on 25 April 1534 on a painting
by Wenceslao Hinostroza (1897-1975).
Vincent of Valverde with the Cross.           

Peru 2004, Mi Bl 22; Sc 1403.  


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