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            Saint         Dominic
 by Carlo Pini 1946.
Pilipinas 2008.

1 July 2009

800 years
Dominican Order.



Dominic,- Spanish Domingo de Guzmàn -, was born Caleruega, Castile ca. 1172. He studied at Palencia and then joined the canonsregular, a religious community attached to the cathedral of the diocese of Osma, about 1196. In 1203, Diego, Bishop of Osma, was sent on a royal mission to North Germany and took Dominic with him. In the south of France they met the Albigensian heretics, or Cathari, and the preachers, sent by Pope Innocent III. In 1206 the papal legates and preachers, depressed at the failure of their mission, consulted the Bishop and Dominic, who reasoned that the heretics would be regained only by an austerity equal to their own; the preachers must tramp the roads barefoot and in poverty. This was the birth of Dominic's "evangelical preaching'. The papal legate, Peter de Castelnau, was murdered by an emissary of the Count of Toulouse on 14 January 1208. The Pope called upon the Christian princes to take up arms with as leader Simon de Montfort. The Albigensian leader was Raymond VI, count of Toulouse. Dominic's work, though confined to the Prouille area, continued, and six others eventually joined him. Meanwhile, the civil war dragged on until Simon's victory at Muret on 12 September 1213. The Catholic party entered Toulouse and Dominic and his friends were welcomed by the Bishop Foulques, and established as "diocesan preachers'in June or July 1215. In the spring of 1216 Dominic was back at Toulouse with his 16 companions, for the capitulum fundationis ('chapter of foundation'). The rule of Saint Augustine was adopted, as well as a set of consuetudines ("customs"). Pope Honorius III gave Dominic formal sanction of his order by his bull 'Religiosam vitam' of 22 December 1216, and by his bull of 21 January 1217 the name 'Preachers'. Dominic died at Bologna, 6 August 1221, and was buried in the church of the Dominican priory. He was canonized on 3 July 1234.

The history of this collection started in 1974 when the Dominicans Servatius P. Wolfs (12.3.1914-19.4.1991), Leopold van Nueten (23.10.1923-2.7.1991) and Peter Wols (26.2.1928) brought their stamps and documentation together. S.P. Wolfs published his book 'Dominicanen en hun geschiedenis op postzegels' in 1982 with his additions in Dominicaans Leven (Belgium) till 1989.
Peter Wols published 6 tomes 'Dominicus en zijn volgelingen op postzegels, postale stukken en in stempels' (1994-2002). On the  site 'Philately of Saint Dominic's Order' you find a new version of whole the material, known till 1 July 2009. With thanks to Carlos Spoor, O.P. for the translation, all the collectors for their tips and additions, and Tobias Renique as computer expert. 

Thanks to the Schwaneberger Verlag in München for the kindly permission to use the numbers of their catalogues. The Scott numbers are from Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogues 2002, published by Scott Publishing Co.911 Vandemark Road, Sidney, OH

Peter Wols, 0.P.