The buildings

The Lay Dominicans, sisters, and brethren, - members of the Dominican Family -, realized in the seven centuries of their pastoral, preaching, teaching and works of charity many buildings, like chapels, churches, hospitals, houses of education, monasteries, priories, schools and universities throughout the world.

Many post office departments issued stamps in honour of jubilees or to remember the history of the parishes. schools, colleges and universities.

In the following sites you will find a great number of these reminders of  the Dominican Heritage.
I have listed these activities by continents, - Africa,  America,  Asia,  Australia, Europe and the Near East -, and within the continents by the countries.
Many items are still under construction.
A main site to visit is the following


Central America

  1. Costa Rica Heredia, church of Saint Dominic

  2. Costa Rica San José, church of San Ramon

  3. Costa Rica San José, university

  4. Costa Rica Casina of St. Rosa ++ under construction

  5. El Salvador, church of Saint Dominic

  6. Guatemala Antigua, university of San Carlos Borromeo

  7. Guatemala Ciudad, church of Saint Dominic

  8. Panama city, old cathedral


North America

  1. Mexico, the Dominicans

  2. in Cuilapan, Dominican church

  3. in Oaxaca, priory and church

  4. in Patzcuaro, monastery

  5. in San Cristobal  ++ under construction

  6. in Teposcolula, priory and church

  7. in Tepoztlán, priory and church

  8. in Yanhuitlán, Dominican priory and church


South America

  1. Argentina, History and the Dominicans

  2. Argentina Buenos Aires, church of Saint Dominic

  3. Argentina Córdoba, church of Saint Dominic

  4. Argentina La Rioja, church of Saint Dominic

  5. Argentina Purmamarca, chapel of Rosa of Lima

  6. Argentina Tucuman, Real Colegio ++ under construction.

  7. Bolivia La Paz, church of Saint Dominic

  8. Bolivia Dominicans in Potosi

  9. Chile Santiago, church of Saint Dominic

  10. Colombia Bogotá, priory, church, university, chapel

  11. Colombia Chiquinquirá, Our Lady of Chiquinquirá

  12. Colombia Popayán, priory and church of Saint Dominic

  13. Ecuador Quito, monastery of Saint Catherine of Siena

  14. Ecuador Quito, priory and chapel of Our Lady of the Rosary

  15. Peru Arequipa, monastery of Saint Catherine of Siena

  16. Peru Cuzco, priory and church of Saint Dominic

  17. Peru Cuzco, university of Saint Anthony Abbot

  18. Peru, Lima, sanctuary of Santa Rosa de Santa María

  19. Peru Lima, priory and church of Saint Dominic

  20. Peru Lima, university of San Marcos


  1. Australia North Adelaide, Dominican Sisters

  2. Japan Nagasaki, Oura cathedral of the martyrs

  3. Macao, the Dominicans in Macao

  4. Philippines, Dominicans in the Philippines

  5. Philippines Mangaldan, church of Saint Thomas Aquinas

  6. Philippines Manila, Beaterio of Saint Catherine of Siena

  7. Philippines Manila, Cathedral

  8. Philippines Manila, La Naval, Our Lady of the Rosary

  9. Philippines Manila, university of Saint Thomas Aquinas

  10. Philippines Naga, the Blessed Virgin of Peña de Francia

  11. Philippines Manila, Dominican School


  12. Taiwan, Dominicans in Formosa

Caribbean Islands

  1. Cuba, the Dominicans in Cuba

  2. Dominican Republic Santo Domingo, church of Saint Dominic

  3. Dominican Republic Santo Domingo, University of Saint Thomas ++ under construction.

  4. Dominican Republic Santo Domingo, chapel of the Virgin of the Rosary ++ under

  5.  construction

  6. The Netherlands Antilles, PART I. Historical data

  7. The Netherlands Antilles. PART II. Religious data.

  8. The Dominicans on  Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao,Sint Eustatius,
    Sint Maarten, Saba.

  9. Trinidad and Tobago Port of Spain, monastery of the Holy Name



Austria Graz, monastery
Austria Wien, priory and church of Maria Rotunda

  1. Belgium Antwerpen, church of Saint Paul

  2. Belgium Bornhem, Abby of Bornhem ++ under construction.

  3. Belgium Braine-Le-Comte, church and priory ++ under construction.

  4. Belgium Gent, Begijnhof ++ under construction.

  5. Belgium Gent, priory Het Pand

  6. Belgium Lovain, priory  S. Dominic ++ under construction.

Croatia Dubrovnik, priory
Croatia Split, priory and church
Croatia Zadar, priory and monastery

Denmark Gavnø, monastery


Estonia, Eesti, Dominicans in Estonia, Tallinn

Estonia, Eesti,Tallinn, cathedral of Saint Mary


Finland Abo, Kurku, Missale Aboense

  1. France Arbresle, priory la Tourette

  2. France Guebwiller, priory and church

  3. France Salon de Provence, church of Saint Lawrence (Nostradamus)

  4. France Vence, the chapel of Our Lady of the Rosary


  1. Germany Arenberg, monastery  

  2. Germany Bad Wörishofen, monastery

  3. Germany Bamberg, monastery

  4. Germany Bamberg, priory and church

  5. Germany Berlin, cathedral of Saint Hedwig

  6. Germany Berlin, church of Saint Nicholas

  7. Germany Erfurt, priory and church

  8. Germany Frankfurt am Main, church of St.Thomas ++ under construction.

  9. Germany Halle, priory and church

  10. Germany Klausen, monastery of Mater Dolorosa

  11. Germany Köln, Dominicans

  12. Germany Konstanz, Dominican priory and church

  13. Germany Leipzig, Dominican priory and church

  14. Germany Lübeck, priory Burgkloster

  15. Germany Magdeburg, Dominican priory and Mechtild of Magdeburg

  16. Germany Marburg, Dominican priory and church

  17. Germany Meschede, monastery of Galilea

  18. Germany München, the Theatine church

  19. Germany Speyer, monastery of Saint Magdalen

  20. Germany Stralsund, priory and church of Saint Catherine

  21. Germany Warburg, priory, church and school

Great Britain London, Blackfriars Bridge

  1. Hungary Buda, church of Saint Matthias

  2. Hungary Buda, church of Saint Nicholas

  3. Hungary Debrecen, priory and church

  4. Hungary Pest,church of  Saint Michael

  5. Hungary Szombathely, church of Saint Martin

  6. Hungary Vác, church

  7. Hungary Veszprém, monastery

Ireland Drogheda, priory of Saint Dominic

  1. Italy Ancona, church of Saint Dominic

  2. Italy Arezzo, basilica of Saint Dominic

  3. Italy Argenta, church of Saint Dominic

  4. Italy Ascoli Piceno, church of Saint Dominic

  5. Italy Bari, basilica of Saint Nicholas

  6. Italy Basella, priory and church

  7. Italy Bologna, church of Saint Dominic

  8. Italy Camerino, church of Saint Dominic

  9. Italy Castellaneta, priory and church

  10. Italy Cosenza, church of Saint Dominic

  11. Italy Fabriano, priory and church of Saint Dominic

  12. Italy Faggiano, parish  of Saint Thomas Aquinas  on order

  13. Italy Fano, church of Saint Dominic

  14. Italy Firenze, church of Santa Maria Novella

  15. Italy Firenze, priory of San Marco

  16. Italy Forli, priory and church

  17. Italy Gubbio, church of Saint Dominic

  18. Italy Imola, priory of Saint Dominic

  19. Italy Legnano, church of Saint Dominic

  20. Italy Madonna dell' Arco, sanctuary

  21. Italy Marina di Camerota, statue of Saint Dominic

  22. Italy Matera, church

  23. Italy Milano, priory of Santa Maria delle Grazie

  24. Italy Molfetta, church of Saint Dominic

  25. Italy Napoli, church of Saint Dominic

  26. Italy Noto, church of Saint Dominic

  27. Italy Perugia, basilica of Saint Domnic

  28. Italy Pompei, sanctuary of Our Lady of the Rosary

  29. Italy Pordenone, church of Saint Catherine

  30. Italy Rieti, church of Saint Dominic

  31. Italy Rome, basilica of Saint Clement. Part I: history

  32. Italy Rome, basilica of Saint Clement. Part II: works of art

  33. Italy Rome, priory and church of Santa Maria sopra Minerva

  34. Italy Siena, Dominican Basilica of Saint Dominic

  35. Italy Soriano, priory and church of Saint Dominic

  36. Italy Taranto, church and priory of Saint Dominic

  37. Italy Taverna, church of Saint Dominic

  38. Italy Venezia, church Zanipolo (Saint John and Saint Paul)

  39. Italy Verona, church of Saint Anastasia

Latvia Aglona, church of Our Lady's Assumption

Latvia Riga, priory and church of Saint John the Baptist

Lietuva Tracu, priory and church

Lietuva Vilnius, Dominican church

Luxembourg, Eischthal, monastery Mariënthal

Netherlands Leiden, chapel of the monastery


  1. Poland, the Dominicans in Poland

  2. in Chelmno, church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul

  3. in Cieszyn, church of Saint Mary Magdalen

  4. in Elblag, church of the Virgin Mary

  5. in Gdansk church of Saint Nicholas

  6. in Gdansk Saint Dominic's fair and run

  7. in Grodek-Kraców, monastery

  8. in Hrubieszów, priory and church of Saint Nicholas

  9. in Janów Lubelski, Dominican church and sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin

  10. in Jaroslaw, priory and church

  11. in Klodzko, monastery of Dominican nuns

  12. in Krakow, church of the Holy Trinity

  13. in Lublin, priory and church of Saint Stanislaw

  14. in Opole, church of the Blessed Virgin Mary

  15. in Piotrkow Trybunalski, priory and church

  16. in Plocka, church of Saint Dominic

  17. in Poznań, priory, church of Saint Dominic and monastery

  18. in Przemysl, priory and church of Mary's Annunciation

  19. in Ró┼╝anystok, priory and church

  20. in Sandomierz, church of Saint James

  21. in Slupsk, church of Saint Hyacinth of Poland

  22. in Tarnobrzeg, priory and church

  23. in Tczew, Dominican church

  24. in Torún, Dominican priory and church

  25. in Warszawa, Dominican churches

  26. in Wroclaw, priory, church and monastery


Portugal Batalha, priory and church of Santa Maria da Vitoria

Portugal Lisboa, church of Saint Dominic

  1. Spain Avila, priory and church of Saint Thomas

  2. Spain Barcelona, market Saint Catherine of Siena

  3. Spain Las Caldas de Besaya, Dominicans

  4. Spain Mieres del Camino, college of Saint Dominic

  5. Spain Palencia, church of Saint Paul

  6. Spain Plasencia, priory of Saint Vincent Ferrer

  7. Spain Salamanca, University of San Esteban

  8. Spain Santa Maria la Real de Nieva, priory and church

  9. Spain Santiago de Compostela, priory and monastery

  10. Spain Soria, church and priory

  11. Spain Valladolid, priory, church, college


Sverige Sigtuna, priory and church

Switzerland Basel, Predigerkirche

Switzerland Diessenhofen, monastery

Ukraine Lviv, priory and church

Vatican City, colonnade of G.L. Bernini

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