church of Saint Dominic

 A brief description.

The entire city of Camerino attests to a millenary history, which founds its roots in the Neolithic period. We find the characteristic urban form: long roads, narrow and winding, ample piazzas, wide open spalti like balconies that stretch to infinity. The powerful wall and the facades of the homes, with bare stone, bear traces of destruction and fires; the remains of rocks and medieval fortresses in the surrounding countryside, the palazzos and churches, despite devastating earthquakes, all made it one of the most characteristic cities in Marches. Camerino owes its fame to the lordship Da Varano, who governed for almost three centuries, and to the flourishing university, heart of the local life.

There are the Fortress of Borgia, dating back to 1503, the Palazzo Arcivescovile that holds the Diocesan Museum and the Palazzo Ducale, seat of the University with its splendid Valentiniana Library. Also the basilica of San Venanzio that is characterized by diverse architectural styles, the cathedral built on an ancient Romanesque church, the priory of Saint Dominic, and that of Recanavata, the Sanctuary of Santa Maria in via, which holds a Madonna and Child attributed to Maestro di Camerino. Many artists were born here, from Arcangelo di Cola to Giovanni Boccati and Girolamo di Giovanni, 15th century painters that marked an important stop in the evolution of figurative arts, not just on the regional level. For the cathedral of Camerino Carlo Crivelli (1430-1435-before 07.08.1500) painted the triptych Madonna della Candeletta (218x75 cm) in ca.1490-1492.

In 1792 the central part of the triptych with the panel on which Saint Augustine and Saint JeRoma was moved to the church of Saint Dominic. In 1811, in Napoleon's time,  the centrepiece (Madonna) was brought to the Pinacoteca di Brera, of Milano. The both wings are now preserved in the Gallerie dell’Accademia in Venezia.

Sources: Archivio Giunti : Maestà.


The middle panel of the triptych Madonna della Candeletta
by Carlo Crivelli.


Togo 1977, Mi 1261, Sc 972.



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