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A brief description.

The Dominican Church was the site of the original wooden church of the Krakow burghers, dedicated to the Holy Trinity and erected in place of the former pagan temple.
In 1222 the Bishop of Krakow, Iwo Odrowaz, at the instigation of his kinsman Saint Hyacinth (St.Jacek) installed the Dominicans in Krakow.
The basilica with a nave and two aisles was erected in the 13th century - in its construction brick was used for the first time in Krakow - and rebuilt several times. There is a beautiful late 14th century stone portal, richly ornamented with carved floral motifs inside.
The 1850 fire ravaged the interior and the vault of the nave. In the chancel there is the bronze slab of the humanist scholar Filippo Buonaccorsi (Kallimach) designed by Wit Stwosz in 1496, and a copy of the tombstone of Leszek Czarny, Duke of Krakow. The Myszkowski Chapel, 1603-14, ( the fifth chapel in the south aisle) makes striking use of black and white marbles; the busts of the family are in the dome. The next chapel contains a miraculous image of Our Lady of the Rosary; the crypt is the resting place of Teofila Sobieska - mother of Jan Sobieski. The priory's  cloisters with preserved fragments of walls are among the oldest in Krakow. 

Kraków's Old Town was justly confirmed by the UNESCO on its list of the world's cultural heritage.


The Dominicans built a brick church in Kraków, dedicated to the Holy Trinity, (kosiol sw, Trócy) in 1241, in the 14th century rebuilt to a basilica, and practically rebuilt after a fire in 1850.
The characteristic stepped gable dates from the end of the 15th century.

In the church the chapels of the family Lubomirski
, Sobieski, Zbaraski
and Myskowski. Also the mortuary chapel of Saint Hyacinth of Poland.
Much is lost by fire in 1850.

Poland occupation stamps, Germany General Government) 
1940, Mi 44, Sc N61.


In this church are many works of art:

In the Saint Jozeph-chapel the tomb of the Italian Prosper
Prowano, +September 1584. He started
the first Polish
postal service between Kraków and Venice in 1558,

and was so the first Polish postmaster.

Poland 1958, Mi 1063, Sc 799.



Stained Glass Windows: Two Kings, 1430/40.
Now in the Szolayski-Museum in Kraków.

Poland 1971, Mi 2106, Sc 1836.




Panel of the polypticon by the anonymous Master of the Lord's  Passion:
The flight into Egypt, ca 1460. Since 1909 lend to the National Museum
in Craków.

Poland 1974, Mi 2347, Sc 2067.




The Dominican church at the feet of the Wawel-mountain
in Kraków.

Poland occupation, (Gen.Government) 1941, Mi 65, Sc N73.
                                                 Idem 1943, Mi 116, Sc N103.





The church of the Dominicans on the engraving
of Kraków.

Poland 1970, postal card.





Engraving from 1894


Poland 1983, postal card.





Pope John Paul II visited Kraków on
2nd June 1979.

On this KimCover the engraving of Kraków with  the church of the Dominicans.

Vatican City 1979, KimCover PW 63.




The same engraving on the cover
of the second visit of pope John
Paul II, 16-23 Mai 1983.

Vatican City 1983, KimCover PW 297.





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