and church of Saint Thomas

A brief description.

The Saint Thomas priory with church was constructed by order of Doña María Davila. The General Inquisitor Thomas de Torquemada (1420-16.09.1498), and the Catholic Kings themselves intervened in its foundation, which made of the building a commemorative monument to the conquest of Granada from the Moors. The Architect Martin of Solozano began construction in 1453, resulting in a beautiful isabelline gothic style, which in occasion, house the royal families during the summers.
Here it was housed a nucleus of knowledge with the University of Saint Thomas. The façade seems to picture Hispania, and in its stamped with the coat of arms of the Catholic Kings between the Raging lions. Granada's garland, more than a adornment, is a symbol
. In the center of the church is the tomb by Domenico Fancelli of the only male son of the Catholic Kings, the Prince Don Juan (1478-1497).

The altar is situated at the same height of the choir, and the panels' art formed of five great scenes depicting the life of Saint Thomas
by Pedro of Berruguete. The 73 chairs of walnut which form the choir is a masterpiece done by Don Martin in 1492.
cloister, known as of the novices, is the smallest but of a refined style. Another one of silence, is of a monastic style with isabelline arches. The third cloister is the extensive cloister of the Kings.


Spain 1972, Mi 2006, Sc 1738.



The cloister of the priory.

Spain 1972, Mi 2008, Sc 1740.


In the center of the church the alabaster tomb of the only male son of the Catholic Monarchs,the Prince Don Juan (1478-1497), made by Domenico Fancelli in 1512.
The high altar is the creation of Pedro de Berguguete (ca 1450-1504) with panels about Thomas Aquinas' life, painted 1494-1498.In the choir of the church the prior Thomas de Torquemada, O.P. (1420-16.09.1498) chairs the Spanish Inquisition.

Spain 1972, Mi 2007, Sc 1739.
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Saint Thomas is represented many times with the model of the
(his) church.
At the background a glimpse of Tomas of Torquemada, O.P.
chairman of the Spanish Inquisition.

Grenada 2000, Mi 455, Sc 3001,a.

The same painting: Guyana 1987, Mi 1630, Sc 1789.



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