Gródek - Kraków
monastery 1206-2006


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A brief description.

The Dominican nuns built in Kraków a monastery in 1206. In 1621 they moved to a monastery in Gródek, a district of Kraków.  In 1627 princess Anna Lubomirska begun the building of a monastery and its church of Our Lady of the snow, finished in 1634. The Dominican nuns  celebrated the 800the anniversary n 2006.

Sources: Internet and information from Magister Bogdan Michalak in the Coros Chronicle n. 345, August 2007, p. 113 and letter 31.12.2007.


On the postal card on the left the gate of the monastery.
The painting is in the monastery  and depicts the cult of the Blessed Virgin by Dominican friars and nuns (1684).
 It is not a ‘Mantelmadonna’.

The stamp is the portrait of Saint Dominic derived from the fresco in the chapter room of the priory of Saint Dominic in Bologna. The coat of arms at the left is the lilly weapon with the words Laudare, Benedicere, Praedicare.  At the right the shield features a parted black mantel of the habit on a white field with the word Veritas and the dog with torch.

Poland 2007. Postal card.

Of all the postal cards I have seen is this card, designed by professor K.Wyrzykowski. for me the favourite.

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