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Fabriano, a city in the province of Macerata, central Italy, is said to have been founded in the ninth century B.C. by refugees from the ancient Attidium (the modern Attigio).
The history of Fabriano is closely connected with that of the Marches.
The city was under the jurisdiction of Camerino until 1785, when Pius VI re-established the see of Matelica and united it aeque principaliter with Fabriano.


The church of Saint Dominic (sec. XIV), originally dedicated to Santa Lucia Novella and in 1745 rebuilt after the 1741 earthquake, has Gothic chapels and the sacristy magnificently decorated by Allegretto Nuzi (c. 1315 - c. 1373) and his school (second half of the 14th Century).  He painted a  'Maestà' in the church (1345) and in the chapel of Saint Ursula the fresco  'Stori di Sant' Orsola' in 1370. In the church the Madonna of Humility (1359) by the Italian painter Francesco di Cecco Ghissi, also Francescuccio (c. 1359-1374).

In the priory (14th – 15th century) are two significant 15th century cloisters and indoors also the precious decoration of the Capital Hall painted in about 1480 by Antonio da Fabriano (know 1451-1486), for the iconography of which the artist was inspired by the decorations for the Dominican priory of San Marco in Firenze created by Fra Angelico (c. 1397-18 February 1455).

The priory houses today the Paper and Watermark Museum, the largest paper museum in Italy.


Fabriano's most famous native is the painter Gentile da Fabriano (c. 1370 - c. 1427). He worked at Foggia and Bari, and later in the palace of the doges at Venezia, in the Strozzi chapel at Firenze, and finally at Roma.

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Cloister of the priory of Saint Dominic.


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