Dominican church and priory.

A brief description.


Documents prove Dominicans were in Castellaneta in 1412. The first priory was dedicated the Annunciation of the Virgin and to Saint Dominic.

The church today is from 1681. On the main altar the painting of Madonna del Rosario by Gian Serio Strafella (16th century). In the church there are three chapels and in the first chapel at the left the painting Saint Thomas (Aquinas) and three Angels (1685).

The priory, restored in 1775, houses now the 'Instituto professionale di Stato ‘M. Perrone', the 'Museo Rodolfo Valentino' and the 'Biblioteca Communale'.

With thanks to José and Regina Bogaert-Van Wayenberge, Belgium.




The Madonna del Rosario in the church of Saint Dominic in Castellaneta.

The postmark is issued by the closing of the Year of the Rosary, October 2002- October 2003.


Italy 2003. Postmark Castellaneta 12.10.2003.




Honouring the 8th centenary of the foundation of the monastery
of Dominican nuns in Prouilhe, France, 1206-2006.
On the postmark the coats of arms of the Order, image of Saint Dominic and the church of Saint Dominic in Castellaneta.


Italy 2007. Postmark Castellaneta 08.08.2007.
                 8 August is today the official Saint Dominic's day.






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