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The Theatine church(Theatinerkirche), in former times named The Royal Court churchSaint Cajetan, is located diagonally opposite to the Feldherrenhall (Field Marshals' Hall) and the Hofgarten (Court Garden) on the Odeonsplatz in München.

The church's impressive yellow facade introduces a breath of Italy to München.

Henriette Adelaide of Savoy, wife of the elector Ferdinand Maria, donated this churchto the Italian Order of the Theatines in gratitude for the birth of the long-awaited heir to the throne Prince Max Emanuel on 17th July 1662.


The foundation-stone was laid 29th April 1663, but the donator,
Henriette Adelaide of Savoy, did not live to see the church finished for she died 18th March 1676.

The church was built by Agostino Barelli (born 1627) in Baroque style and largely completed 1688 by the masters P. Spinelli and Enrico Zucalli (ca 1642-1724) and received finishing touches in Rococo style by the Cuvilliés, father and son, in 1768.

The church's interior is unusual for Bavarian churches. It is monumental and full of southern pathos, dominated  by the white stucco works of the Italian stucco masters

Moretti, Brenni and Perti. The church's high altar, whose gable figures represent dignitaries of the House of Savoy gives further evidence of the Italian influence.


Several members of the House of Wittelsbach have been buried in the Fürstengruft (Royal Sepulchre), amongst those the Elector Ferdinand Maria, his wife Henriette Adelaide of Savoy, their son Max Emanuel, elector Karl Theodor, the Emperor Karl VII, King Max I and King Otto of Greece, as well as Prince Regent Luitpold. The cloister was built by Lorenzo Petri from Como.

Today the church's southern annex, the former monastery of the Theatines, houses the Bavarian State Ministry of Education and Culture.

The Dominicans administrate this church since 1st January 1954.


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The Theatine church on the Odeonsplatz in München.


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The Theatine church on the right.


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The Olympic games München 1972.

The Theatine church in the background:
Tennis player.


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The same background:


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In the series Lernt Deutschland kennen a view
on the Odeonsplatz with on the background
the Theatine church.



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Front of the Theatine church in München.
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On many postmarks of the post department of München is
found a view of the city with the churches.

The Theatine church in the middle.

125 Jahre Geologische Landesaufnahme in Bayern.


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The Theatine church at the left.

78. Deutscher Philatelistentag.

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On the postmark the front of the Theatine church with the north-tower 1684 and the south-tower 1692 with clock and bells, after the plans
of Zuccali. Arbeitsgemeinschaft Münchner
Philatelistenverein.e.V. 6. Briefmarken-Tauschtag.


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At the right the Theatine church.

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On the left the Theatine church.


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500 Jahre Frauenkirche. Postmark München 14.04.1994.









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The Theatine church and the Odeonsplatz.



Germany 2003. Postmark München 06.03.2003.







The Theatine church is to be found on postage stamps of industries, societies, etc.



The Theatine church on the left. Pfanni. Gutes aus München. München 01.07.1975.



                    The Theatine church. Stoffe aus München. München19.10.1976.



The Theatine church on the left.

31. Bundestag des BDPh e, V. 78 Deutscher Philatelistentag. Festabend im Pschorrkeller.

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TheTheatine church in München.


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With overprint 100m - 200 m Borzov 2 medals d'or.


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The Theatine church in München.


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With overprint Football Polonge medaille d'or.


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