Klodzko (Glatz)
monastery of
the Dominican nuns


For the early history of the Dominicans in Poland, click here.


The earliest records about Klodzko (German Glatz) go back to the year 981 AD. The Town is situated on the intersection of the roads from Wroclaw, Walbrzych and Opole to border crossings in Boboszów and Kudowa Slone.


The Old Town architecture going back to 13th C, is preserved in the same architectural form. Almost 400 historical buildings are recorded in the State Historical Monuments Register. The most important ones are: the Gothic bridge with some statues of Dominican Saints (1390), Virgin Mary Church, former Jesuit Collegium, the Rosary Mary Church and Franciscan Monastery, Town Hall, defence walls, the Church of Christ the King and Grey Sisters' Monastery, etc.

The Dominican nuns have a monastery at the Plack Koscielny.





At the Plack Koscielny the monastery
of the Dominican Nuns.


Poland 1969, Mi 1921, Sc 1655.













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