Dominican priory and church


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Tarnobrzeg, - Tarno is from the name of the town's founder, Count Tarnowski, and brzeg means '(river) bank'-, is a town on the right bank of the Wisła (Vistula), and is 71 km. northeast of Dębica.
The town's northern part, with the beautiful Gothic castle of Count Jan Tarnowski, forms the separate gmina of Dzików.

The town does not have a parish church, only a Dominican priory and church founded in 1676 by Jan Stanisław Amor Tarnowski and his wife Zofia Barbara z Dabrowicy née Firlej.

In the church is a painting of the Blessed Mother, with the Child and Jozef, - also named 'The flight into Egypt' -, by an unknown artist from Wolhuynien. It was granted by the family Bialkoski to the family Tarnowski, and recognized as miraculous by Kraków bishop Trzebicki in 1675. In a ceremony it
was transferred from the castle in Dzików to the Dominican church on 20 May 1678.

Since then a procession has been held several times a year from the priory to the castle. The painting was crowned by the Bishop of Przemysl, Józef Sebastian Pelozar, - beatified by Pope John Paul II in Przemysl on 02.06.1991-, on 8 September 1904.

With thanks to Magister Bogdan Michalak.




Painting 'The Madonna with Child and Jozef' from an unknown artist
from Wolhuynien, 17th century.

Poland 2004, Mi 4141, Sc 3734 .

Poland Postmark 2004. Tarnobrzeg 14.08.2004

                                      The Dominican church.





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