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church and priory of Saint Dominic

A brief description.

The church of San Domenico Maggiore in Taranto is built on the fundaments of  a Neolithic ruin of the IV millennium, populated also in the VII-VI century b. C., remade in 1302.  The general plan of the church is Roman, but there already are the first Gothic features.

The sight of who enters Taranto from Mar Grande or Porta Napoli, is captured by the ceiling that represents one of the most precious examples of the Roman style in Puglia. Also the thin and tall bell tower is of Gothic origins. From the baroque double big stair, on every Holy Thursday at midnight, there is the appearance of the Statua della Madonna Addolorata.

The priory of Saint Dominic in Taranto.

Beside the church there is the priory with the same name. Inside, with a Latin cross shape, there is a big nave with four chapels on the sides. The fourth is dedicated to the Addolorata, with a multicolour marble altar. Among the nice paintings (XVII-XVIII century) there are the Madonna e Sante domenicane by Leonardo Olivieri and the Circoncisione by Marco Pini.

Spurce: Internet Provincia di Taranto.


The inauguration of the 7th centenary
of the church of Saint Dominic in Taranto (1302-2002).

Italy 2002. Postmark Taranto 06.10.2002.




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