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The present city of Berlin has grown out of two settlements of the Wends: Kolln, lying on an island in the Spree, and Berlin, opposite, on the right bank of the Spree. Kolln is mentioned for the first time in an official document dated 1237; Berlin, in 1244.

Even at this date both places possessed the rights of Brandenburgian cities, but did not equal in importance other cities of the Mark.

A number of old churches, which are still among the most important ones of the city, testify to the active religious life prevalent at this early date, as: the church of St. Mary, erected at the end of the thirteenth century; the church of St. Nicholas of the Dominicans and  the church of the Grey Monastery, built at the end of the thirteenth century.


On the left bank of the Spree the Dominicans had a priory since 1290 with a church (1345), dedicated to Saint Paul. When King Frederick II built a new castle, the church of the priory was the royal chapel .

 The Elector Joachim II (reigned 1535-1571), wished a new cathedral and destined for that the church of the priory. Two Dominicans are placed in the chapter. The priory was taken down and the church was enhanced with two towers in 1535. 

The nobility living in the neighbourhood of Berlin accepted the new doctrine at Teltow, April, 1539, and Joachim II followed their example.

On the 2d of November 1539 the first celebration of the Lord's Supper according to the Lutheran Rite took place at Berlin in the Dominican church.

In 1747 the church was pulled down because of dilapidation.





Sight of Berlin 1650.

At the right the church St. Nicholas with two towers.


Germany (Berlin) 1962, Mi 218, Sc 9N196.








750-Year anniversary of Berlin. Sight 1650.

The Nicholas church at the right with two towers.


Germany (Berlin) 1987, Mi 772, Sc 9N536 a.










750-year Anniversary of Berlin.

At the left the church of Saint Nicholas with two towers.


German Democratic Republic 1986, Mi 3024, Sc 2547.








9th Youth Stamp Exhibition Berlin.

On the left a sight of Berlin 1652 after a copperplate by Caspar Merian

The church of Saint Nicholas with two towers.


German Democratic Republic 1986, Mi 3030-3031, Sc 2553-54.



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