Napoli, Naples
Church of Saint Dominic Maggiore
and the monument with statue of Saint Dominic.

A brief description.

The church of San Domenico Maggiore is the result of several restorations made through the centuries. The Basilica and the cloister were erected between 1283 and 1324 by will of Charles I of Anjou  on behalf of the powerful Dominican order.
The Gothic style of the structure divided the building
into a nave and two aisles, including the more ancient Romanesque church of Sant'Arcangelo a Morfina of which it is still visible the 14th century portal.

In the 16th century a fire destroyed the basilica almost entirely and in 1850-53 the architect Federico Travaglino renewed the inner style introducing Neo-Gothic elements which have partly altered the original character of the building.  Beautiful is the Cappellone del Crocefisso (Chapel of the crucified Christ), 17th century, and the Sacristy, with 45 tombs of the Kings of Aragon and Dignitaries of their court.

Piazza San Domenico Maggiore e Guglia

The Piazza San Domenico Maggiore was realised by will of the kings of Aragon  in the 15th century when the area was still covered by Greek walls and gardens, in order to make the urban frame around the church of San Domenico more valuable.

At the centre of the square there is
the Spire of Saint Dominic, which was built following the vow made by the city during the plague epidemic of 1656. The Spire was decorated by Cosimo Danzano and was completed by Domenico Antonio Vaccaro - sculptor of the bronze statue of Saint Dominic on the top - little less than one hundred years later. St. Domenico Square is very close to the university area and is always crowded with young people.

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Church San Domenico Maggiore and the Spire of Saint Dominic on the Piazza San Domenico Maggiore.

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In the church San Domenico Maggiore was initially the painting on panel The Madonna of the fish (215x158 cm, ca 1512) by Rafael (1583-1520). In 1638 the Duke of Medina took it away and in 1644 Philips IV brought it to San Lorenzo del Escorial, near Madrid. After a restoration in France (1813-1822) it is today in the Prado Museum, Madrid.

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In the first chapel at the left side the painting  The Annunciation (280x210 cm, after 1557) by Titian (1477/80-27.08.1576).

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