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A brief description.

Argenta is situated in Ferrara's province. The foundation goes back to roman time or a little later. His name seems to derive from silver reflections on humid ground and of waters that in the ancient times surrounded it. Since origins Argenta depends on Ravenna's diocese and, about X - XI century she known a period of great glory thanks to its river port on Po of Primaro, now called Reno.
From XII century Estensi dukedom wanted the control on the city and so Pope Clemente VI gave it in leasing during 1344 and Estensi kept it till Alfonso II's death in 1597 when the whole Ferrara dukedom was transferred to Pontifical State.
Inhabitants of Argenta fought during Independence Wars with hundreds of volunteers: the prevalent personage of this period was the lawyer Giuseppe Vandini, that was the first mayor of Argenta after national unification. During the Second World War Argenta was seriously damaged by the British Army.

 The church of Saint Dominic.

The Civic Museum is situated in the town centre of Argenta and it's housed in the church of Saint Dominic. The Civic Museum is the centre representing and embodying the historical and urban environment within the ecomuseum of Argenta. It's made up of the town Picture Gallery and Archaeological Section.
The church is a typically 14th century one and it was influenced by Biagio Rossetti's style. Inside, its apse is adorned by the representation of the "Stories of Saint John the Baptist and the Doctors of the Church". In order to enjoy the visit to utmost, it is suggested that the tourist should first follow the artistic route of the Picture Gallery, which is located in the side niches of the church, and then admire the archaeological collections, placed at the center of the aisle, that collects the finds of the excavations made on the territory of Argenta between 1980 and 1993. Those finds come from the marshy Palmanove, the country church of Saint George and from Matteotti Street and Vinarola Street in Argenta.

Source: Argenta’s tourist office.



Postmark honouring 430th anniversary of the death of
Francesco Severi (ca.1517-1571), famous Doctor in Medicine
at the university of Ferrara and poet. He was born in Argenta.

Italy 2000. Postmark Argenta 07.09.200.



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