chapel of the monastery Galilea

A brief description.


On the ‘Klausenberg’ in the south of Meschede is situated the chapel of Michael, the archangel, who triumphed over a dragon, from the story in the Book of Revelation (Apocalypse).

Near this building a recluse settled in ca. 1430. Some women joined her in 1473 and followed the rule of Saint Dominic. After receiving from the couple Hennecke and Margarethe von Berninghausen the country-seat Hückelheim, they built the monastery Galilea.

The government of Hessen closed the monastery in 1830 and it was sold to the business man Runge of  Bremen. Later the Duke of Westphalia became the owner.

In the chapel a late Gothic altar with a Calvary by an artist from Lübeck, ca. 15th century.
From the early building only the choir
is preserved; the other buildings date from the 18th century.

The chapel is on the postmark on the left. On the right the Benedict-abbey Königsmünster of the Cologne’s architect Schilling, inaugurated in 1964.






On the left the chapel pf the monastery Galilea in Meschede.

On the right the Benedictine abbey Königsmünster in
Meschede, 1964.


Germany 1995. Postcard with the postmark
Meschede 6. July 1995.






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