A brief description.

Already in the 12th century there was a pirate's castle on the island of Gavnø. In 1398, however, it was purchased by Queen Margrethe the Ist, who turned the castle into a Dominican monastery for "unmarried women of noble rank" in 1401.

Later a new castle was built around the original monastery
church which is beautifully ornamented with woodcuts of Abel Schr
øder the Younger (1601-1676): the high altar and  pulpit (circa 1650).                         Church at the left. >>>>>>>



Since 1737 the family Thott was the owner of the castle and church. Otto Thott (1703-1785) collected in his library 138 thousands of books. His collection of paintings was at that time the largest private-owned collection in Scandinavia.

Source: Internet Wikipedia and others.




 The church at the left.

Denmark 1977. Postmark Gavnø, 19.o7.1977





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