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of Saint Anthony Abbot

A brief description.

In the Dominican priory of Cuzco, founded in 1534, the second Provincial Council was celebrated in July 1548. The fathers approved the foundation of a 'Studium generale', but it was in 1598 that bishop Antonio de la Raya, bishop of Cuzco, promoted the seminary San Antonio Abad.

After many troubles and with the employment of Leonard López Dávalos, O.P., the seminary was promoted to the status of a university with the approbation of Pope Innocent XII (Bul: Aeternae Sapientiae, 20 June 1690) and of the Spanish King (6 October 1690) on 1st March 1692: Real y Pontificia Universidad de San Antonio Abad de Cuzco.
The University was located in the priory of Cuzco.
Many Dominicans were scholars in this University.


Coat of arms of the National Saint Anthony University, Cuzco.
On this arms left Leonard López Dávalos, O.P.
and on the right
Saint Anthony Abbot (251/52-356).


Peru 1991, Mi 1451, Sc 1010.


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