church of Saint Dominic (of Silos)
 and priory 1570-1835/37


A brief description


Soria is a city in north-central Spain. The capital of the province of Soria
in the autonomous community of Castile and Leon, stands on the banks of
the Douro in the heart of the Castilian plateau.

Soria is a charming old town that has retained a medieval atmosphere.
It has a long and proud history: its earliest inhabitants, the Numantines,
resisted the Roman legions in a siege that lasted eight months.
The Romans later rebuilt the town as Numancia, about four kilometres
north of the present city.


Scoria has several old churches, including the Romanesque church of Santo Domingo (de Silos) of the 12th century (National Monument).

Very famous are the Romanesque façade and the portal of this church with figures of the life of Christ.  The Dominicans received this church with its convent in 1570. They had to leave Soria as a result of the Spanish legislation  of 1835/37. Today the sisters (Poor) Clares live in the convent beside the church.




Church of Santo Domingo (de Silos)in Soria dated
from the 12th century, and was used  by the Dominicans from 1570 till 1835/37.

In the tympan above the entrance: God Father with His
Son. Jesus' youth, the passion, the resurrection; the announcement  to the shepherds, the flight to Egypt and
the massacre of  the Innocents.

Spain 1966, Mi `637, Sc 1356.




Front of the church of Saint Dominic of Silos.


Spain 1989. Postal card.








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