German Sandomir

church of Saint James


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A brief description.


The priory of Saint James is located across a small valley from the Sandomierz old town, which is really the new old town. The real old town of Sandomierz which had surrounded the priory church was destroyed by the Tartars in a murderous raid in 1259.

The church is the oldest church in Sandomierz, and founded by bishop Iwo Odrowaz in 1226. The beautiful stained glasses designed by Karol Frycz at the beginning of the 20th century. An Arabian style chess set made from deer horn in the 11th or 12th century was discovered in the vicinity of the church of St James, and is  the oldest object of this kind in Europe.


Source: George Weigel: Church history for dummies.Washington, (D.C.), 2003.





In the city of Sandomierz bishop Iwo Odrowaz
 founded a priory for the Dominicans in 1226
the Romanesque church of Saint James.









On the stamp theTown Hall (14th-16th century) and the portal of the Dominican church of Saint James.





On the FDC details of the ornamentation on the walls of the church.


Poland 2004, Mi 4091, Sc 3709. FDC



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