Chelmno (Chelm, Kulmhof)
of Saint Peter and Saint Paul

For the early history of the Dominicans in Poland, click here.

A brief description.

The Dominicans settled in Chelmno in1233 and built the church, now dedicated to  Saint Peter and Saint Paul in the 14th century.
Culm or Chelmno was the seat of the diocese on 8 October 1243.
Pope Innocent IV consecrated as first bishop the Dominican, Heidenreich, O.P. in Lyon in 1245. Heidenreich founded the cathedral chapter on 28 July 1251, followed the Rule of Saint Augustine. He started  the construction of a cathedral in 1254.
Bishop Heidenreich died as bishop on 29 June 1263.


Honouring the 750 anniversary of the
foundation of Celmno, 1233-1987.

On this post-card the old town, with in the right top
the priory, church and gardens of the Dominicans.

Poland 1983, postal card.


1. Town Hall. 2. Msiciwoi-tower, 13th century.
3. Town-walls. 4. Grudziaska-tower,13th century.
5. Church of The Virgin's Assumption, 1280-1320.
6. Dominican church, 14th century. 7. Church of
Saint James. 8. Church of Saint John. 9. Church of the Cistercians, 1702. 10. Church of the Holy Spirit,
1280-1290. 11. Chapel of Saint Martin, 14th
12. Academy, 17th century. 13. Gardens.
14. Cadet college, 1776.


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