of Chelmno (Kulmhof)

A brief biography.

The Bishopric of Chelmno (Kulmhof) embraced the province of Kulm, that is the land between Vistula, Drewenz, and Ossa rivers, and in addition, the city of Löbau and its surrounding district.

Kulmhof or Chelmno was the seat of the diocese on 8 October 1243. Pope Innocent IV consecrated as first bishop the Dominican Heidenreich, O.P. in Lyon in 1245. Heidenreich founded the cathedral chapter on 28 July 1251, followed the Rule of Saint Augustine. He started  the construction of a cathedral in 1254.
The bishop possessed the highest authority, both spiritual and secular, in his diocese; he was the ruler of the land, but was in some measure dependent on the Teutonic Order.
Bishop Heidenreich died on 29 June 1263.


Mindaugas, (Polish Mendog, or Mindowe, Russian Mendovg),
is considered the founder of the Lithuanian state. He was also
the first Lithuanian ruler to become a Christian.
His coronation
as King of Lithuania was in 1253 by bishop Heidenreich, O.P.
Mindaugas and two of his sons were murdered by a group of Samogitian rivals in 1263.

Lithuania 1932, Mi 343, Sc C58.

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